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Optimal Chiropractic is proud to introduce its online dispensary through Emerson Wellevate. For a limited time only from Sept 1 to 30 our entire online dispensary will be discounted at 30% off. Find supplements from your favorite brands such as Pure Encapsulations, Klaire Labs, NOW, and Nature’s Way.

Not Sure What Kind of Supplements That You May Need?

As always, consult your doctor before purchasing or taking any supplement. Special considerations should be addressed before, during, or after pregnancy.

 According to US News these supplements are essential for a women:
1) Calcium
2) Vitamin D3 (NOTE: New research suggest that Vitamin K2 helps to direct Calcium towards the bones. Look for a Vitamin D3 / K2 combo.)
3) Iron
4) Folic Acid
5) Magnesium
6) Fish Oil (NOTE: Look for non-concentrated, should NOT have a very fishy smell (has gone rancid), and free from Mercury.)
7) Vitamin B12
Some of the supplements listed below would also be beneficial.

According to Men’s Health the top 10 supplements that men need are:
1) Fish Oil 
2) Calcium
3) Vitamin D3 
4) Fiber 
5) Coenzyme Q10
6) Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9)
7) Magnesium
8) Selenium
9) Whey Protein
10) Creatine