You Can't Have a Head Injury Without a Neck Injury

Yesterday the Rams put up a good fight against the New England Patriots, but in the end the Patriots prevailed. Football has always been a hard hit sport not intended for the muscularly challenged individuals; and for good reason!


In 2002, Dr. Bennet Omalu (played by Will Smith in 2015 movie, Concussion) discovered the traumatic effects that football has on the brain. 

Damage to the brain (Concussion) can occur one of two ways, direct contact or inertial / impulse. Inertial forces do not need to have a direct impact with an object to cause damage; think of all the times a player gets tackled without actually hitting his head.

The amount of force that occurs during a concussion is anywhere between 60-160g while a mild strain to the neck occurs at 4.5g. You cannot have a head injury without a neck injury!


From an accident or injury (such as 4.5g) can shift the structure of the neck. Luckily, Optimal Chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the head and neck (through a technique known as NUCCA) to restore proper healing to the brain and body. Using several views of X-rays, doctors can analyze the pattern of structural shift and calculate a precise adjusting vector. Contact us now for more information or for a free consultation.