Having difficulty after a concussion? Tried everything?

Structural correction of the upper neck may be able to help. The upper neck area, the connecting point between the brain and the body, maybe impacted and is often overlooked. About 95 G’s (amount of force measured) of impact occur during a concussion, while only 4 G’s occur during whiplash like motion to the neck. This shifting of the atlas, known as an Atlas Displacement Complex, can cause similar symptoms seen in a concussion and can affect recovery

An Atlas Displacement Complex can only be corrected through precise and specific adjusting of the atlas bone. X-rays are used to determine the pattern of misalignment and the correction vector. Since the atlas bone is also close in proximity to certain neurological balancing centers in the brainstem, shifting and correction of its position can affect the overall structure of the body (shoulder level, hip level, and head tilt).
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