Our worry-free promise to ensure our care is appropriate for you.

You'll Know If We Can Help

Everyone has a story and during a complimentary consultation you’ll have a chance to tell yours. From there the doctor will be able to determine if structural correction is right for you.

8 Weeks to Improve

Within 8 weeks you will begin to feel better or we’ll look at other options. Our goal is to help your body thrive.

Gentle and Safe

The adjustments for Structural Correction are very precise, allowing them to be very gentle. State-of-the-art Structural Correction Radiographs are utilized to determine the precise adjusting vector for each individual patient. 

3 Step Process To Optimal Health

Optimal Correction

Our initial step is to gently align the atlas to correct the structural alignment of the body and to restore that brain to body connection.

Optimal Stabilization

A critical aspect of Structural Correction is ensuring that your body spending more time in alignment than not. As your body adapts to being aligned, the muscles and ligaments get stronger to better maintain the alignment. 

optimal wellness

Nothing in life doesn’t require maintenance. Sometimes your body may need a tune up every so often to maintain Structural Correction.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

-Joyce Meyer

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